Monday, May 23, 2016

Father's Day & Patriotic T-Shirts

As my last post was about my sister's flute playing, I decided to write something where she's really getting out there and doing something about it.  I mentioned that she was going to get a CD for her music sometime in the future - and that future is now!

(Wow, I sound like a hawker or something.)

Seriously, though.  She did a t-shirt campaign about a year ago to get some money for the CD she's going to get (you will not believe how expensive they are!), and I've still got my shirt. I love it, by the way, but this time she did something different.

Father's Day is coming up soon - the one day a year we really take the time to think about all our dad's really done for us, and everything for which we're grateful to him.  Have you been wondering what to get him for that special day?  My sister's got the perfect shirt for you to get for him - check it out here!  Even if you've already gotten him something, like the amazing son/daughter you are, this is obviously what he wants.  It has an American flag on the front along with the words 'America's Greatest Dad 2016'.  Who wants to be the world's greatest dad? America is better. I think.

 It's only available until June 2nd, so you'd better hurry!  Also remember, you're helping an aspiring musician achieve her dreams.  Actually, here.  Check out her YouTube channel (she's got a new video up, too, watch that!).

I'll be posting again soon!

 Mae g'ovannen!

~ DeLancey R. Torres

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flute Concerts & YouTube Channels

Right now...I'm at the library.  It's an hour after public school let out, so it's pretty packed.  I think I've taken the last open computer available.  (Hopefully no one needs it more than I, but I'm sure more will open up soon.)

I wish to talk about what I did yesterday.  I went to a Native American flute concert (at the local LeConte Center) last night with my sister, where I basically just watched and sat with the audience.  My sister is good friends Randy McGinnis, a well-known, published flute player that's won awards for his music. She's also known and loved among the Native American flute community - they have a 'flute circle' every 3rd Saturday, and she enjoys going and spending time with everyone.

Do note, my sister plays the Native American flute. She's very good at it, if I may say so, to the point of others suggesting she get a CD for her songs she written.  She practices an intimidating amount, constantly.  (And she is planning on getting a CD, by the way.)  She's - as I heard one elderly flute player tell someone - very talented, perhaps better than the ones who've been playing longer than she.

(Yes, I may be biased. But it's true. If you don't believe me, check out her music yourself on her YouTube channel. If you don't fall in love with the hauntingly beautiful melodies, I'll eat my shoe. It's bio-degradable and possibly non-poisonous.)

 At the concert, I was sitting in the almost-front row (because who actually sits in the front row? Awesome people, and I'm not that.)  A few minutes before it officially started, Randy McGinnis sort of waved at my sister to come over, and she dumped me where I sat and went over there.

Then - surprise! - he presented her with a new flute, a quite gorgeous one, with...I don't know, colorful pieces, leathery ribbons, I don't know. She would know what they're all called - it was beautiful, though.

Let me explain a thing. People who play the Native American flute, as they've explained to me, must needs collect many, many of the different sizes, shapes, keys and colors of the flutes. They're made from different woods, in different styles, in different keys, by various artists. And they're all gorgeous, incredibly massive or whisperingly tiny though they may be.

My sister, you see, has only bought 4 of the 12-numbered collection she has. I told you, the flute community loves her. They've given her most of those - and, of course, she's gotten a few from her family as birthday or holiday presents. A very rewarding hobby, I think.

 So, that was her newest flute - and then, almost at the end of the concert, she was invited up onto the stage to play two of her original songs!  The audience loved her.  (Honestly, that first song made my heartbeat go all weird, and I don't appreciate that soundwaves are bothering my biological functions.)  After she was done, there was an unscheduled event of sorts - she and Randy McGinnis played a song together - they'd never practiced before, but it turned out wonderfully.

(I recorded it on my phone. Don't tell anyone. Shh.)

Then we got home, she raved about her new flute - and everyone loved it - boring bedtime stuff happened, and I fell asleep. Then I woke up, boring morning, noon, and afternoon stuff happened, and now I'm writing this post. So, you're welcome!  I bow.

Hope you enjoyed reading this randomly prompted post.  Have a disgustingly awesome rest of the week, and be secretly bored until my next post.  (Which will probably be tomorrow - I've got a book to review, and it's free on Kindle for a few days!)

Mae g'ovannen!

~ DeLancey R. Torres 

P.S.  Don't ask me why I keep calling her 'my sister' as if I'm trying to keep it anonymous, while I give you a link to her YouTube channel. Don't ask.  Just check out the channel.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Graduation Ceremonies & The Hobbit (Graphic Novel) Review

I feel the need to admit a...thing.  I have, in fact, skipped my graduation ceremony.  I'm not going to say I'm a terrible person for doing such a thing, because I don't regret it.  My sister's graduation last year was pretty fun - there were a lot of people there, a friend of ours was graduating with her, my grandmother came down from Texas to surprise my sister...all in all, it was good.  (Besides the fact that the guy who did the ceremony just rambled on and on about how the world 'owes the graduates', and that was aggravating, honestly.  But that's not what I thought about at the time.)

I did receive the cap and gown, had a graduation party about a week ago where we took lots of pics and quite a few people made it, and got my diploma (which is why I said I'd already graduated).  I feel like I've graduated.  What would the ceremony do to add to that?  I can't say I hate socializing - I'm not a social butterfly, but I do enjoy spending time around people.  It just seemed pointless to go.

Anyway, the ceremony was two days ago.  It's over and done now, there wouldn't be any point in regretting it.

I must talk about something else now, otherwise this post would be boring.  Hmm.

I got The Hobbit yesterday - this one a graphic novel!  I have 3 copies already, of course - one hardback and two paperbacks, one of which I can lend to anyone who hasn't read it yet (which would be an appalling thing, indeed).  It was adapted from the book, so it's a far cry from the animated sequences and colorful action of the The Hobbit trilogy that was directed by Peter Jackson.  It seems odd to me, though I'm sure if I didn't have the movies to compare it with, it'd be unbelievable.

As it is, it's fascinating.  There were four different people that worked on it - Charles Dixon and Sean Deming adapted it, David Wenzel illustrated it, and it was colored by Bill Pearson.  The panels are very well-colored and drawn, the characters are actually sensible (though obviously drawn differently than portrayed in the movie), and the storyline goes along almost perfectly with the original novel by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Plus it had a poster, so...yes, of course I got it.  (I couldn't believe it was only US $8.00. How ridiculous is that?)

That'll be my post for the day. Thanks for reading!

Mae g'ovannen!

~ DeLancey R. Torres 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Scholarships & Menial Thoughts

I've decided to post again today, though I don't think I'll have a regular schedule.  It'll probably be random - whenever I get the time to write.

I didn't do too much today other than devouring my usual books and getting chores done.  I did check my email a little while ago and found a few messages in there from a scholarship program I've been using to find the best scholarships.  It's called Fastweb - it's very useful, using my area and interests to pick out which scholarships might be the best match for me and sending me links to them.

With that site, I've found quite a few eligible scholarships and applied (but not, this was only about a week ago, so I've no idea if I've actually gotten any of them).  Wish me luck?  Thank you.

I had fun after checking my email, when I spent about thirty minutes designing the layout of this blog. It's simple, yet stylish (I hope), and it seems good for now.  I love fiddling with HTML and coding.  I had some trouble with the 'Grab My Button' on the side here, but I figured it out eventually, after dividing it into two HTML text sections and then leaving it like that.  (Oh dear, I believe I've revealed my secrets. Shh, don't tell anyone.)

The blog icon was wonderfully enjoyable to design as well - I was going to go with an open book icon, perhaps something to do with technology, but I found the star and realized it would go quite well with the theme of the blog.  (Though honestly, I was a bit afraid it wasn't going to work when I first uploaded it, but after a minute or two of waiting, it popped right up.)

Would you believe I just got distracted from writing this post by You should believe it, that site's unbelievable. I'm subscribed to their Word of the Day email, and I love it. I've learned so many new words since I joined!

Anyway, that was pretty much my day. Watching little siblings, helping tutor them in school, doing chores, reading more books, checking my accounts, fiddling with this new blog...terribly exciting, right?  I've got to go run another load of laundry, though, so this must be the end of the most.

Mae g'ovannen!

~ DeLancey R. Torres

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Intro Post

This is my first post - to introduce myself, as the title says, though I'm sure you could stalk me on Google+ if you really felt like it.

At the behest of my rampant boredom (and, I must confess, my love of monologuing), I've created a blog and named it after what I consider myself.  A Texas wannabe, I say because I plan on moving to Texas soon.  Well...eventually.  As I'm living with my rather large family and have yet to get a job of my own, those plans will be put on hold for a little while.

(Honestly, the moving-to-Texas thing - it's a family goal, and we all plan on going, but I for future life opportunities. Everyone else wants to be 'close to family', as we have tons of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents out there. I do dread the idea of the heat out there, however. I must have my AC.)

So, about me.  I've just graduated, about a week ago to be precise; I was homeschooled for my entire life; I have 12 siblings who all still live at home; I'm the second-oldest among the children; I'm an avid reader and movie connoisseur; and I plan on going into the medical industry.  (Thus, the desire for Texan colleges. They have great programs out there and a demand for Radiologists, which is what I plan on eventually becoming.)

I have...dubious plans for future posts on this blog. Perhaps movie/book reviews of those I most love, random ramblings about my groundwork medical studies, some YouTube older sister and I vaguely planned on making 'music videos' for her Native American flute music and songs we sing.  There, then, I have three ideas already.

I think I might, as I usually do in 'real life', end up rambling at my computer instead of the various household objects I speak to when bored.  You might think with all the little siblings underfoot, I'd have someone to talk to (oh, and I do! They talk a lot, believe me), but I'm odd - and you'll have to remember that - and so I talk to myself, the cat*, the laundry, my phone, the ducks, my 2-month old sister, and actually, everything I'm in contact with for more than ten seconds.

There's my introduction post then, I suppose.  I ought to read other blogs to get an idea of how things are done in the blogging world, but due to mad fighting over computer privileges, I don't believe I'll quite have the time.  I'll try to learn, though.

That's done for now.  I make my exit (or, poke around at my writing before eventually posting and then leaving the computer in resigned dread, but, you know. It's the same).  No awkward endings to this post, not indeed.

Mae g'ovannen!

~ DeLancey R. Torres 

* = the cat, which I name Muffin believing it was a female, and it was so fluffy, turned out to be a tomcat, as we found out only days before it ran away. Apparently we mortally insulted the dear boy by calling him a female this entire time.

(And if you haven't noticed by now, I also have a love for round brackets/parentheses. They seem to make a statement for me. I also enjoy grammar puns.)